A Young Conservative in a Very Liberal Country

Being a conservative or right-winger hasn’t been very convenient in the last few years for Canadians, especially for the younger crowd. There has been a large left wing bias in the school systems in much of the western world and that bias has also crept into the press. What is interesting to note, however, is the vitriol many liberals seem to have in day to day life.

I remember not too long ago, sitting in a lunch room at a work, watching CNN while eating. Occasionally shaking my head and muttering something about “bullshit” under my breath. This was a few months before the US election and many Canadians, especially those who had voted Trudeau, had been praising Mrs. Clinton for her temperament, and for the simple fact that she wasn’t Trump. I had never heard an articulation of her policies from her supporters, just criticisms of Trump.

“You know, I think Trump is the Anti-Christ.” A co-worker said to me once, seemingly out of nowhere. I was taken aback. I asked, “Would you have thought that about him before he entered politics?”

He didn’t answer. Just a shake of the head and a sigh.

His accusation had brought me to another question, “Why would you think he is the Anti-Christ? Haven’t many political opponents always assumed that the US president has been evil?”

“He isn’t even knee-deep in policy! He doesn’t know what he is talking about.” He replied.
I shook my head, sighing. “Have you looked at them?”

“No, no, I haven’t” he said.
I quickly reached into my pocket for my iPhone. I had googled “Trump’s policies” and turned the screen to face him.

“Here.” I said.

He shook his head quite vigorously, waving his hands in disgust. “No, No, I don’t want to read them.”

Now I had been the one shaking my head again.
My co-worker was pissed off. His hands were shaking as he began to handle merchandise and place them on the store shelves. Saying, “I can’t work like this. I can’t work like this.”

I had asked him, annoyed, “Why? Because I wanted to explain his policies?”

He had turned around and looked at me, with a deep frown, “I can’t believe you’re a Trump supporter.”

He had made several mistakes with that statement. First of all, a Canadian can’t really be much of a Trump supporter. I had assumed that would be obvious. I had never bought any of his hats or pins. Never professed my love for him. Never really wanted to get involved in the first place, but I suppose I felt the need to explain his policies and at least give him some sort of education on the subject. After all, he was convinced that Trump was the beast, essentially.

This was a fifty-year old man who had graduated a Canadian University with a politics degree. How could he not even be bothered to read the policies he claimed to hate so much?

And as someone is about to begin their post-secondary education in September, this comes as a bit of concern.

He spent four years of his life, studying politics, and he doesn’t bother reading the policies before he claimed that Trump was essentially evil incarnate. This absolute stupidity really has shocked me.

Let’s just say the remaining days of the work for the summer were interesting. He had told other co-workers that I was a Trump supporter, which got me a few looks. Thing was, I never said I really did support him, because you know, I couldn’t.

I have had similar situations with teachers, friends and others who were left leaning. Canada is a very hostile country is you happen to be a right-winger.

So now, I sit here more confused than anything, while I look at the acceptance letter to the university. I hope, for my country’s sake, that not all liberals are like this, but I’ve had many experiences similar to this one and I don’t hold out much hope.
As I enter university, I fear that anyone like me who would dare take the time to read and understand Trump’s policies before denouncing him will be labeled a crazy right-wing Trump supporter.

Lucien is a Twenty-year-old who hails from a Toronto suburb. He spent years as an atheist before returning to his childhood Catholicism after reading some of the philosophical classics. Lucien hopes to one day obtain a law degree and serve as a lawyer for his nation’s military.

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