WTF is Chair Dancing? (Workout Fail)

In the Workout Fail video for this week, I look at another femcentric workout video, in which people flail about in chairs and somehow get exercise from it.

So I found this DVD at a gym I train people at and…I don’t think I can go back there, whenever I speak to the higher-ups I’ll imagine spastic chair flailing and I’ll never take the seriously. And if I were to go to a chair dancing class I’d have to run in and mock everybody and there would go my job.

This is Chair Dancing. It’s a new form of aerobic exercise allegedly. Created by Jodi Stolove, a fitness trainer and graduate of the university of michigan, allegedly after breaking her foot and forcing her to do this out of necessity, it has apparently gotten some good publicity, including on Howie Mandel. I wasn’t aware he had a show…and also I will now expet this workout to involve blowing up latex gloves with your face.

So then abruptly it changes to the B squad, washing windows while regretting that all those acting lessons could only get them this job.

Also on this heel touch I should point out that literally nobody’s heel comes near their hands except for the instructor. That says it all doesn’t it?

The second part of the warm-up involves doing the inflatable tube man dance to “Cheek to Cheek”. Frankly, if John Coffey had to watch this version of Top Hat before his execution, I don’t blame him for wanting to check out.

Shifting into a 50s rockabilly sort of song, we see Jodi commanding her trainees to kick. None of them can get their feet higher than about 4 inches. Yeah if I were producing this I’d want to get people that were at least somewhat in shape but hey that’s just me.

Also notice how literally nobody is sweating or breathing hard. Not to sound too pedantic but can we agree that aerobic exercise should involve some, I dunno, cardiovascular strain?

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