Trending on Twitter is the hashtag #WorldSuicidePreventionDay. It was started and initiated by the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP). A VA study says that 20 veterans commit suicide each day. A former Navy gunman and retired police officer, Peter Kaisen who was 76, killed himself in the parking lot of the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Northport, NY. What happened to Peter is not uncommon. The suicide rate and the invisible injuries of our veterans and active duty military is a stain on America. There is not nearly enough being done and we must put an end to this plight. The veteran, their families, and friends have already sacrificed enough when the victim was on active duty. This is just added sorrow on the lives of everyone surrounding the victim of suicide.

I’d like to direct your attention to a wonderful organization started by two amazing and strong people who I know personally, The Heart of A Marine Foundation. They are doing amazing work with both veterans and active duty military members in many different areas. They aren’t one of these faceless “supercharities” and they report what they are doing, what they have purchased, and how much money was invested in each specific project on their website.

Please consider making a donation to this foundation so that they can continue the great work they are doing in their community. As a country, we must do better for those that have given so much for us. The veteran and active duty military member must take priority over pretty much every public service available. Instead of performing a $2.6 million study to get prostitutes in China to drink less, why don’t we become more concerned and divert the funds to ensure our veterans have a place to turn to instead of them having their final moment looking down the barrel of a gun? We like to claim moral superiority over the rest of the world, well, it is about time we put our braggadocious slogans into practice. We must put a stop to this cancer on our nation. Our best and bravest deserve better than this.

The Heart Of A Marine Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides comfort, support, financial assistance, and educational resources to improve the quality of life of military personnel in ALL BRANCHES of the United States Armed Forces, including veterans, and their families.

Ian Erickson is the Editor-in-Chief of New Media Central & co-host of The Patriarchy Show. You can follow him on Twitter at @ianderickson.

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