Won’t Somebody Think of the Journalists?


Where would we be without the free press? The world would be a drastically different place without self-effacing and overworked journalists stretching the boundaries of their sanity to bring you the cold hard truth.


Journalists are something of a modern-day unsung hero. Nobody appreciates the long hours they put in, the oft-pitiful wages; or the flirtations with alcoholism, substance abuse, and insomnia as a by-product of their insalubrious lifestyle. They craft their trade tirelessly and assiduously so that you–YES, YOU–can continue to enjoy living in a free society. And are they appreciated for what they do? Hell, no. And is it deserved?


Journalists are being laid off at higher rates than some ailing manufacturing industries. Accusations have been thrown at Trump for making the world a less safe place for journalists. But, are these accusations Trump’s fault or does Trump embody a wider skepticism/odium towards the legacy media? Trump certainly played a large hand in developing said skepticism/odium towards the press in exposing their lack of credibility and superficial political activism. Trump has repeatedly called out CNN, labeling them “fake news”, to which CNN persists in spinning an abjectly improbable “Russia Collusion” conspiracy or obsessing over DJT’s unorthodox eating habits. This, in turn, is self-destructive to CNN’s already foundering reputation as their ratings remain somewhat unimpressive.


But, it doesn’t just stop at Trump.


With burgeoning right-wing populist movements mushrooming around the Western World, a notable anti-MSM hasn’t been too far behind. Thankfully, with the rise of the Alternative Media–despite efforts from Western governments to clamp down on the deliberately vaguely-defined “hate speech”–those who are skeptical of the Mainstream Media can keep themselves informed. Furthermore, stories broken by the Alt-Media gain sufficient traction to the point where the MSM has had to cover them in order to save face, when, otherwise, they would’ve never gained the attention that they deserved.


The MSM should be credited with the rapid rise in right-wing populism in the Western World. The MSM was practically the standard bearer going into messy, murderous, and corrupt entanglements in the Middle East which, consequently, led to the destabilization of three countries, the bombing of seven, the deaths of hundreds of thousands, and the migrant crisis. The migrant crisis was pompously championed by the MSM; peppering their pages with heartwrenching pictures, pandering to emotions, and denouncing the heartlessness of naysayers–but, it doesn’t end there! The mainstream media has sided with western anti-natalism, rash foreign policy and economic policies, anti-marriage, infidelity, anti-white racism, xenophilia, pedophilia, society’s hypersexualization, globalization, anti-Christianity (not antitheism, as criticism of Islam or Judaism is often met with a barrage of buzzwords), and other cultural shifts which would be utterly antithetical to the health of any society. Anybody with any grievances towards their message is automatically smeared; and, what’s more, they are downright morally condemned. For example: if you disagree with Islamization, you’re Islamophobic; if you disagree with mass-immigration, you’re far-right; if you disagree with an unchecked multicultural society, you’re racist; if you disagree with the EU, you’re a Little Englander; and so on.

Is it any surprise people call the MSM the propaganda arm of the establishment? Put simply, no. While I would most certainly include much of the Republican Party to be part of the ‘establishment’, it could be said that without a shadow of a doubt, that the MSM is comprehensively biased. In the run-up to the 2016 US Presidential Election, it was discovered that around 95% of Washington-based journalist donations went to the Democratic Party. Recently, a report found that 91% of media coverage of Trump was negative. And let’s not forget the numerous articles centered around Trump’s predilection for fast food.


It’s no wonder there is such a blatant lack of professionalism within the spin and narrative-crafting when many journalists are politically and emotionally invested, often manifesting in comical hysteria. Moreover, many so-called ‘conservative’ journalists jumped ship at Trump’s running and subsequent winning of the election, as if the so-called ‘conservative values’ they supposedly rallied behind for all their years of writing suddenly became alien to them, overnight.


Tragically, with the opportunity gifted to journalists to reach a wider platform and effect change, they tend to sing in unison from the same anti-western, anti-white, progressive hymn sheet, accomplishing little-to-nothing of value. The press, on the whole, has become little more than a sorry excuse of what they once represented. Now, they don’t fearlessly break seismic stories which applied pressure to the powers-that-be, but instead, only serve to pathetically ingratiate a bloated globalist elite. All they have achieved is to undergird Trump’s support, plunge their credibility, and to spark something akin to a miniature Western renascence. If they could imagine stepping out of their urban, cosmopolitan, bubble for some desperately needed self-reflection, taking off their rose-tinted glasses; you’d hope they would see that they–and mostly they–are doing little more than piling fuel onto their career’s, and their ideology’s, funeral pyre.

Orwell Goode

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Orwell & Goode (a pun for “all well and good”) is a Youtuber, blogger, and an economics masters degree student. His main interests lie in documenting the decline of the Western world and identifying economic policies which may shape society for better or worse. He is the host of the “All Well and Good Show” and the co-host of news round-up “Waking Up The West” on YouTube.