Why SJWs will never be satisfied What do the "privileged" have to do to satisfy the SJWs?

This article is based on a thread on Twitter, I will link the thread here and the account in case you want to follow him


One thing that continues to irritate me with regards to SJWs and other assorted racial crusaders is the distinct lack of a price tag for anything. No price that, if paid in full, would result in the SJW ceasing his activity. I mean, let’s pull it apart rationally for a moment. SJWs like to crusade on behalf of the aggrieved, oppressed peoples that the United States has supposedly wronged. Put aside the notion of individual vs. general responsibility for a moment. Over 99.99% of white people aren’t a slave owner, or a KKK member, or anything of that sort. But SJWs will still hold them accountable for those things as part of a general assignment of responsibility. Whatever. Okay, they have this thing they think is a grievance.

So, naturally, many of white people ask SJWs “what do you want?” What do they have to do, specifically, and precisely, in order for them to put this rhetoric away? What are the requirements that, if met, will result in them burying this hatchet? The SJW replies to such questions with vague platitudes. Be a good ally. Educate yourself on microaggressions. Fight cisheteropatriachy, or whatever. But never are these things answered in a concrete manner. It’s like the NFL kneelers, what do the kneelers want, specifically? If that price is met, will they then stop this behavior? It’s all very unclear.

You can’t have a concrete, actionable conversation and negotiation with people who don’t actually have any solid demands. Peace treaties between nations are written with a degree of specificity. Agreements between political factions likewise require specificity. It’s so vague as to be useless. What does fighting the cisheteropatriarchy even look like? Because to the outside observer, it just looks like shitting on straight white guys. The vague nature of SJW demands leads me to believe they don’t actually want a solution to the problems (real or imaginary) that they talk about. They just want something to complain about in perpetuity. It gives them a degree of permanent power over others.

So no price would be sufficient to satisfy them because they cannot even name their price. Snap your fingers and make all white men vanish into the ether, and they’d just start crapping on another demographic. Maybe Asian men, or white women. Who knows? Since no price can satisfy them, they literally cannot be reasoned with. You cannot sit down at a table with them and hash out a compromise, or a quid pro quo agreement of some kind. You cannot say I will give you X in exchange for Y. It is foolish, then, to attempt to pay the SJW. Their bill is infinite (or perhaps undefined). You cannot pay it. There is nothing actionable in it. There is thus no reason to concede an inch to them because they will give you nothing in return.