Why Are Male Feminists Such Creeps?

My new video is, essentially, an audio/visual version of last week’s popular Return of Kings article asking why men who subscribe to feminism are always complete pieces of shit. I added some extra narration and pictures for the most part. And for those who think this is me crapping out a quick and easy video, next week will have some original programming, so quit complaining.

Imagine that you were a child like I was as a young lad, and probably most of these male feminist cretins were as well—smarter than most of your peers at school, but also shy, wimpy, and bookish. You probably grew up watching a lot of movies and cartoons and playing lots of video games. While you were too shy to talk to girls made of flesh and bone, you were surrounded by idealized, impossibly beautiful and pure damsels in the various media you consumed, as well as cartoonishly dark, seductive, and licentious “bad girls” in that same media. Thus, the first foundation stone is lain in the male feminist psyche—the good old Madonna and Whore complex!

This is not to take the SJW “women should be realistic but also perfect” malarkey, media is based on idealization and exaggeration after all. Rather the lack of real life female interaction is the problem here (i.e., the fact that the only interaction with females is from media is where the problem lies).

The portrayal of men in action movies and video games is also a problem, as most things intended for kids and adolescents tend to be somewhat black and white in terms of morality, which has some adverse effects when combined with a nerd’s daily experiences of getting beat up and wedgied after school. In the misfit’s mind, the bullies are Sauron, Ganondorf, Lex Luthor, and the oppressed nerd is the hero, of course. So you can add a dollop of a hero complex.

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