Why Anthropology Makes The World Suck

I may have mentioned it once or twice, but for those of you who don’t know: I am an anthropologist by training, a biological anthropologist to be exact. I credit this path of study with being my first taste of the “Red Pill”, and a major reason for why I am in the neo-masculine blogosphere today.

Thus, I always lament that many people in this philosophical sphere see anthropology as a major pillar of the politically correct culture that exists today, a truism that I acknowledge with some protest, mainly because most are not aware that there are, in fact, two subfields of anthropology that are antagonistic towards each other (and have been so largely since the 1970s). More specifically, it is the anthropology subfield that I was not educated in, and I do not subscribe to—cultural anthropology—that is the progenitor of so many PC shibboleths.

In the interest of edifying my audience of that difference (and in the interest of justifying the four years I spent studying anthropology at college) I have started another Youtube show titled: “Manthropology”, which will present anthropology, particularly biological anthropology, from a perspective of truth and scientific objectivity, which many will be pleasantly surprised to find is far more supportive of “Red Pill” thinking than you have been led to believe from the legios of bull-necked lesbians and vocal-fry-speaking herbivore males that represent the anthropological field in the present day.

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