What You’ve Been Led To Believe Recently

The establishment has successfully snuck its political correctness agenda into all facets of society. The growing cries and accusations of racism on a Presidential candidate, and some of his supporters is just one instance. The growing feminist movement is another sign of this disturbing trend.

This article is filled with informative links with the purpose to inform unwitting voters of the misinformation they’ve been receiving.

Unwitting people who don’t have an issue with this movement are a cancer to society, and a detriment to the very purpose for America’s founding.

One of the main reasons people originally migrated to America from their countries of origin was to have individual liberty. People ruled by monarchies, dictatorships, and military dictatorships were placed into classes which made it easier to be controlled. When the U.S. government started to become infested with people who wanted to stay in power, they knew controlling people in every aspect possible was needed.

Fast forward to current times. Hard working Americans are nearly stripped of most of their individual liberties. We work to keep the government running; the opposite of its purpose. It’s an election season, and like most election seasons, the atmosphere is volatile. The establishment is working extra hard this year, especially with a few outsiders running. One outsider happens to be Republican businessman, Donald Trump. His America First platform is an easy target for the establishment to fill the heads of voters with pc nonsense.

The western world is being infiltrated by radical Islamic terrorists who have snuck into groups of refugees who are settling in other countries. We’ve seen terrible events in Europe, and our current government wants to allow refugees into America. Donald Trump wants to vet all immigrants, refugees, and people coming with work visas before they enter America, especially those from Muslim countries. It simply makes sense to do that, especially since history clearly shows us where 99% of the terrorists originate from. Political foes of Trump cry racism. They claim he hates Muslims, and wants to ban all from entering. He never said that, but the establishment’s propaganda arm, the mainstream media already convinced a lot of people otherwise.

It’s a well-known fact that America has a problem at its southern border. Illegal immigration drives up the cost of living for hard-working Americans as immigrants are places into our healthcare, education and social security systems. This in turn, causes wages to be driven down as added costs need to be paid. Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton, and Bernie sanders both know it, and have both stated it numerous times. Now, it’s an election year, and the votes of tens of millions of illegal Mexicans (don’t forget that it’s now racist to ask for voters to provide ID’s) are up for grabs. The aforementioned truths are now racist to say. Recently, Donald Trump mentioned that a Judge in a civil case of his is Mexican, and it could be a problem because of his America First platform. It’s known that this Judge was appointed by Barack Obama, has ties to radical groups such as LaRaza(The Race), whose agenda includes the reclamation south-western states for Mexico, and the organization he’s associated with has donated money to Hillary Clinton. It took a few days for the establishment and the mainstream media to organize, but they went on an all-out PC blitz to paint Donald Trump as a racist during the June 7th primaries. Election primaries are big news days, so apparently, Donald Trump’s comments weren’t considered racist until that day.

Is it racist to be concerned about a Judge with questionable ties? No, it actually quite reasonable, especially with tens of millions of dollars at stake. Now it’s racist because you were conditioned to believe it’s racist.

Have you seen the terribly violent Clinton/Soros-organized protests taking place outside of Donald Trump’s rallies? I doubt you have, and if you did, I bet you were told Donald Trump is causing anger. If you want to see real racism, stand outside of a Trump event. You’ll see illegal immigrants destroying American property, assaulting American men and women(some pregnant), and chanting things such as “make California Mexico again,” all while waving Mexican flags.


Is America First really racist? Is wanting all races, sexes, and religions to assimilate into the melting pot that America was first intended to be, racist? Is it racist to want to protect American citizens from foreign terrorists, no matter their race, sex, and religion, racist? Is it racist to say “America First?” You know damn well the answer to all of those questions is NO, but the establishment told you to think otherwise. Most people are now afraid to speak the truth, and that’s why Donald Trump’s movement is becoming more and more popular. He’s speaking for those who are afraid to speak, and for those who have been brainwashed to not think logically.

The establishment groups Americans by sex, sexual preference, sexual identity, race, religion, language, financial status, and region. Like I said earlier, it’s easier to control people when their grouped. Expect to see cries of racism be replaced by anti-feminism and misogyny as Hillary Clinton ramps up her propaganda campaign against her opponents.

Her party, and the ruling elites in both parties are the real racists, homophobes, and misogynists. They lead people of color to believe that they can’t achieve anything in life because of the non-existent racists they scapegoat. Politicians say don’t worry, if you vote for me, I’ll save you from these evil racists. Women are told that the other politicians want to “govern their vaginas.” How demeaning is that? A fear of a false narrative has been established, and most people of color and women are voting democrat. Those who don’t fall for the fear tactics, and the race baiting are called traitors and Uncle Toms by democrats. What party is the one really using fear tactics with social issues?

Don’t fall for the “first woman” nonsense either. That narrative is being pushed to lead you to believe America is full of sexists? It’s not true. Shirley Chisholm was an African-American woman who ran for President in 1972. Even earlier, Victoria Woodhull was the first woman to run for President. Also, my Libertarian Party has the first woman to relieve an electoral vote, Tonie Nathan.

If, and probably when Hillary Clinton wins, she will only be the first woman President, but the positive aspects stop there. You will continue to be under establishment rule, as the government covertly works to strip you bare of your remaining individual liberties. On top of personal liberties, you will remain grouped into a certain class depending on your physical appearance or financial status, thus stripping you of your personal identity and turning you into a lemming.

Our society is eroding, and it can be saved if people knew they are being told what to think and feel. Please do some research after listening to establishment lies, and I guarantee you will learn a lot of new information.














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