Week in Review

News highlights and low points you may have missed because unlike most cellar dwelling libtards…you have a job.
This first week of September 2018 has been as eventful as it has been entertaining, if, like me, you appreciate dark humor, this week has certainly not disappointed. The progressive liberal fucktwits had a rough time this week.

  First, they lost their pocket ace. Yes, the Great White Rhino gasped his last wheezing breath.  The Arizona Senator that had for years been maligned (no pun intended) by the DNC had, in the time since the election of Donald Trump, had managed to rebrand himself. Listening to the punditry, he apparently traded in the Deaths Head uniform of the SS and was welcomed into the loving,inclusive arms of the Left simply by proving his hatred of all things Donald.

  The subsequent funerary was matched in duration and sheer idolatry only by the crucifixion and entombment of Christ. Thankfully, at least as of the time of this writing, the Rhino has yet to cast aside the stone to emerge renewed.

  The Senate seat previously held by the leftist’s pocket Ace was this week filled by GOP wildcard Jon Kyl. 

Next, the Mueller Investigation has yet again faced some serious setbacks. Witnesses that were instrumental to the DOJ and FBI case against President Trump have so far, done a far more efficient job of illuminating what can only be described as facts that are very uncomfortable for the leftists who cling to the Russian Collusion Hoax like a fat kid clings to a Hershey Bar. Revelations made by Bruce Ohr 

regarding the FBI/DOJ use of the Steele Dossier and egregious suppression of exculpatory evidence has caused a firestorm. 

 Congress is now calling for the declassification of the complete FISA a and all related documents and memos.  The investigation has settled into a strange routine. Each time Mueller pulls out what the leftist Fucktwits think is their “smoking gun” to end Trump’s presidency, they thump their chests, do their vagina hat dance, but when the pull the trigger…nothing.

  Lastly, we had the confirmation hearings for Brett Kavanaugh.  What can I say..the guys a rock.  Before the hearings, he received the gold standard endorsement from the American Bar Association. Once in the hotseat, the immature outbursts began almost instantly. Our attention was split between the George Soros paid entertainment in the gallery, and the complete mental derailment of Cory ‘Spartacus’ Booker.  

Booker announced he would break the committee classification rules, and dump classified documents to the press, in a move he knows could result in his being tossed out of Congress. . The only issue was…it was bullshit. The documents were no longer classified, which essentially reduced Booker’s  grandstanding posture to eternal meme glory. 

Kamala Harris then tried her level best to shake the unflappable nominee, but in the end, she too was sent back to her corner looking foolish.  The “little book” she taunted Kavenaugh  for carrying in his pocket was…yep. A US Constitution pocket reference. Thetics displayed trying to obstruct the confirmation quite possibly removed any chance they had of winning by alienating anymidterms looms closer and closer, the DNC and it’s libtard following continues to unravel.   By November, it should be a complete Dumpster Fire.