We Must Not Allow This to Happen Again


Reports show that a lorry crashed into a crowd of people celebrating Bastille day in Nice, France, killing and injuring tens of people. Then, witnesses say that shots were exchanged between police and the operators of the lorry which pushed the death toll up to a confirmed 73 dead.

When situations like this one happen, it’s important to get the facts first before arriving at conclusions. There are many reputable sources that say the attack was linked with radical Islamic extremism but until all the information is gathered it would be unwise to speak in absolutes. However, given the sheer weight and quantity of the amount of information that hints towards the incident being a terrorist attack, it’s fair to speculate at the very least. One source said that the driver shouted “Allahu akbah” before the crash. Another source, Christian Estrosi (president of the region) has said that the van was filled with arms and grenades. Therefore the idea that this might be a fundamentalist Islamic attack might have some truth after all.

If it is the case that the incident was caused by radical Islamic terrorists then the most disturbing thing is the fact that nothing will change and nothing will be learned from this. Call me a sceptic but we’ve seen this before. After 130 died at the Bataclan in Paris, Hollande changed nothing. He spoke some stern words and sang the national anthem in parliament as well as bombing Syria but France is as dangerous today as it was all those many months ago. What France needs is a leader who actually cares about its preservation but more importantly its people. It’s clear that Hollande is not the man for the job.

Sebastian Cheek

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