WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel Jokes About Cutting Off Kavanaugh’s Penis if Confirmed

Comedy has taken a tumble in the last few years, with its decline rapidly accelerating since the election of DJT in November 2016.

Some comedians have claimed that Trump is responsible for the declining quality of comedy. However, it seems that repetitive histrionics over Trump’s presidency has become rather stale to a few viewers.

Nevertheless, late-night comedians will try to shoehorn anti-Trump rhetoric into their shows for an ever-diminishing elitist cosmopolitan audience, despite waning interest in their content. And, it doesn’t stop with comedy: big corporations which have openly and proudly adopted progressive politics have often seen their stocks take a hit soon after announcing their positions.

Despite the uproar surrounding Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation, Kimmel makes an unusual joke suggesting an amputation of Kavanaugh’s appendage–must be one of those Rick & Morty high-IQ-tier jokes which people outside of the progressive urban bubble don’t get.

Anyway, in the clip, Kimmel remarks “I think there’s a compromise here. Hear me out on this. So, Kavanaugh gets confirmed to the Supreme Court, okay. Well, in return we get to cut that pesky penis of his off in front of everyone.”

Well, I don’t really have much to add to that. But–BUT–if Kimmel had made such a statement about a member of the opposite sex, I doubt it would’ve been well-received.


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