Waking Up to Hear the Words President-Elect Donald Trump

These are just some quick thoughts I had this morning…


Just woke up, after almost no sleep, to the fact Donald J. Trump will be the 45th president. The last 2 presidential elections I almost sat out. I voted but I didn’t care.

In 2012 I voted 3rd party (Constitution Party). The past 2 elections I wasn’t as near enthused about a candidate. I supported Ron Paul in 2008 and 2012. He was a long shot and was pushed out of the boys club quickly and efficiently.

I certainly didn’t spend 15 months heavily invested and these last several months I have used social media, this website, and my podcast to influence hundreds if not thousands of people. (That compounding further with each contributor and show on the website).

It feels good.

It feels good to know that if you surround yourself with the right people, and do all you can you can, you still have a voice. Trump wasn’t supposed to get through the early debates let alone early primary states, but he did. He wasn’t supposed to start to run away with this on Super Tuesday, but he did. Being outspent by hundreds of millions of dollars, he wasn’t supposed to win the GOP primary, but he did. Then he went on to beat the most organized and wealthy political machine history may have ever seen to become our 45th president.

My vote in NJ was pointless as it normally is. We would go blue even if Jesus Christ ran for president because He ran as an independent. However, I know for a fact that I am personally responsible for Trump votes in the swing states and that awesome.
Thanks to all the new friends I have made on this journey. It feels like we are meme war buddies now. The entire NMC crew, you guys are great and glad to have worked side by side with each and every one of you.

So, my breakfast tasted a little better. My kids hugs before school felt a little warmer. The music on my radio sounds a little better today.
Hope your day is great too because as of today, the objective to make America great again, has begun.

Ian Erickson

About Ian Erickson

Ian is New Media Central’s Editor-in-Chief and one half of The Patriarchy Show. He is a married father with two sons and lives in New Jersey. He has worked on several campaigns from national, state and local levels. He has had pieces published in local NJ newspapers such as The Star Ledger. Also, he has contributed to The John Birch Society and various other websites. He had a book of poetry titled Broken published while majoring in Biblical Studies at Pillar College in NJ. He has had his poems published in various poetry journals. He has been a guest speaker at Pillar College to speak about creative writing and poetry. Ian was voted ” Most Sarcastic Person” for the state of New Jersey in 2007.