Veteran Dies with Maggots; Left is Outraged Trump is Considering Palin for VA Leadership

The Vietnam War is still a controversy decades after the conflict ended. Leftists are still upset that people would dare to defend freedom and democracy by fighting the communists. Conservatives are still upset at the way that the leftists wanted to capitulate to the expansion of the communist revolution.

Veterans…well, it’s hard to really speak for those who descended into the depths of that hell and returned home when so many of their brothers fell. We can only take their word for the horrors and the atrocities that they suffered at the hands of the Vietcong. And this doesn’t even include the scorn and dejection that the left bestowed upon them on their return home.

Decades later, one would think that the horrors are over for those who so nobly served their nation in that war.

In October, a 73-year-old Vietnam veteran passed away at a VA facility in Oklahoma. He had live maggots in his wounds. The mainstream media has announced to the world that certain members of the medical staff involved have resigned in lieu of being fired. It would be something to say to go after those staff members with a vengeance for their negligence if this were an isolated incident. However, the VA is notorious when it comes to the negligence of our veterans who desperately need medical assistance.

Veterans of all conflicts and branches have been denied service or coverage with the VA, or their paperwork gets so backed up that it is nearly impossible to actually receive any help. It wasn’t even a few months ago, that a 76-year-old man committed suicide in the parking lot of a VA facility. That isn’t even counting the veterans who commit suicide because they aren’t receiving the mental health that they deserve to receive to help them cope with the horror of war. Studies show that an average of 22 veterans commit suicide a day in this nation.

Faced with all of this chaotic, and negligent ineptitude, a greater danger to veterans could be imminent: Sarah Palin. It has been tossed around recently that former Governor Sarah Palin has been considered for the position of VA Director.

Everything mentioned above is moot compared to this in the leftist mind.

Twitter, as usual, has erupted into one knee-jerk after another vomiting the same rhetoric. Pundits who should have resigned in absolute shame and disgrace after their bungled predictions and coverage of the election are railing against former Governor Palin being nominated for the position.

These people are terrified that President-Elect Trump and a VA Director Palin would push to privatize the VA. They are terrified that the government will begin to hold bureaucrats in the VA responsible for the abysmal care that they are providing (or failing to provide).

The most apparent thing that they seem to be most terrified of, however, seems to be a return of former Governor Sarah Palin to a position where she can end self-serving government bureaucracy and actually serve Americans. In this case, veterans who are in desperate need of help.

President Theodore Roosevelt once stated:

“A man who is good enough to shed his blood for his country is good enough to be given a square deal afterwards.”

This should not merely be a quote in the archives of some long-ago Presidential speech; this should be a current mindset that not only the President has, but the director of the VA should have.

It is certainly a mindset that former Governor Palin has, and many Americans will whole heartedly celebrate her appointment should President Elect Trump choose her for the position.