Upcoming Q & A with the One and Only “Qanon”

Q has posted numerous posts in the past few days. Things appear to be coming to a head on a number of fronts.

One of the things that has come out is the fact that an Obama admin cyber security person confirmed that a “stand down” order was given with respect to Russia’s interference. This was done during the Obama administration, so if true, Obama clearly knew about the potential breach. Yet, Obama also stated publicly that the interference could not happen.

It’s fascinating that members of the previous Obama administration are now starting to spill the beans about what they know to be fact that occurred while Barack Obama sat in the Oval Office, this nation’s highest office.

It’s also very interesting that people like McCabe seriously wanted immunity to testify before Congress. He was denied and now he says he will claim the 5th Amendment. Funny how these guys do whatever they can to ignore the Constitution and attempt to remove our amendment rights, but when they are pushed up against the wall, the first thing they do is hide behind the Constitution they seem to hate. It works for them but isn’t supposed to work for anyone else.

I don’t have the time or space to go over the many posts from Q over the past few days. I would like instead to focus on one of his most recent ones that Q posted today, at roughly 1:00 am this morning.


Notice the image has a Q post within a Q post. Q is commenting on his own post. The top portion discusses several things. Q says, “We stand. We fight. TOGETHER.” Clearly, Q is aligning himself with patriots and conservatives throughout the USA. He isn’t placing himself above us, but with us.

The next statement is concerning but it is immediately followed by reassuring words. Q says, “Organized riots being planned. Counter measures in place.”

Q’s next few statements are also interesting. “Resistance far smaller than portrayed by MSM.” This I have no problem believing because of just how unhinged the Left is becoming. People like Peter Fonda and numerous other celebs on Twitter have tweeted out some of the most vile, disgusting things and yet they are not suspended by Twitter. This speaks not only to Twitter’s censorship but also tells us that these people are protesting too much. Why? They apparently have a great deal to lose and people who feel cornered with turn very shrill and unhinged.

The MSM (mainstream media) has done its best to portray the Left as the majority, when in reality, it is becoming more and more clear that the Left is not only not the majority, but patriots and conservatives are in the actual majority. The problem is that conservatives and patriots don’t control the media or the microphone. Because of that, it only appears that we are the minority. Q is telling us that due to the lies of the Leftist MSM, they’re only able to portray the Left as being the majority. Patriots and conservatives are the majority and we need to embrace that, believe it, and act on it. We should not cower when facing the rabid Left. We should not look for trouble, but we should also stand our ground.

Q also tells us that the “Attacks will intensify” and “censorship” is continuing to be applied to help make it appear as though the Left is the majority voice. They’re not and we’re seeing this in the midterm primaries. The verbal and quite possibly physical attacks against patriots and conservatives will continue so watch your back. If you live in a state where carrying is an option, you should do so if you feel comfortable carrying. There are plenty of places to train throughout the USA so avail yourself of that if you choose to do so.

Q also assures us that the “Public awakening” is happening. As I’ve said before, it’s not happening fast enough for me, but I’m not in control and admittedly, I do not know everything that has been happening and continues to happen behind the scenes. I’m still somewhat optimistically cautious about Q, so we’ll see what happens.

Notice Q’s final comments. “Q & A Saturday. Time TBD.” Q seems to be saying that he will be available live at some point on Saturday to take questions from people. I’m not sure where but I’m assuming that there will be a link somewhere on the Qanon boards and more information will be coming out.

If this Q & A happens, we can be assured that there will be shills and clowns on hand to attempt to derail the process and muck things up. At any rate, it should be interesting.

Continue to pray for our president and those who are on the side of right. Pray that what is happening behind the scenes is successful in taking down the cabal.

By the way, here is an interesting recent video by JustinInformed Talk. You can view the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLKBFYSG524 and he talks a great deal about some of Q’s latest posts. Very interesting.

Have a great day!