Undocumented ‘Dreamer’ Astrid Silva Funded By George Soros

The illegal immigrant who became a superstar for progressive Democrats after her speech at the DNC convention is funded by Hillary Clinton’s shot caller, George Soros.

From Freebeacon.com:

Silva is the organizing director of the Progressives Leadership Alliance of Nevada, a social and environmental justice group that is already involved in a massive campaign to register 400,000 Hispanic voters for the November election. That effort, known as the “Families Fight Back” campaign, is almost entirely funded by liberal billionaire George Soros.

A PAC, “Immigrant Voters Win,” was set up to fund the Families Fight Back campaign. Soros cut a $3 million check to the PAC on March 11. He was the only funder of the PAC until late May when the Civic Participation Action Fund, a group that seeks to advance “racial equality, economic opportunity, and civic engagement,” added a $1 million donation.

Astrid is not the first paid shill to be propped up into the spotlight by George Soros, and the DNC. Soros also plays a big part in funding the domestic terrorist group, Black Lives Matter, which is endorsed by Hillary Clinton, and Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson.


  • Ford

    Notice the irony. A group led by an illegal registering voters despite openly hating democracy and arguing against it. Then they’re funded by a group that claims to promote equality while supporting a racial hate group.