UKIP Leadership Runner-up Anne Marie Waters To Launch New Party

A new party in the UK is set to launch this Sunday called For Britain Party. The party is being founded by Sharia Watch UK founder Anne Marie Waters.

Waters ran for UKIP leadership this September on a platform focusing on radical Islam but she ended as runner-up losing to Henry Bolton, a former Liberal Democrat who accused Anne Marie of being a Nazi and tried to exclude her from the race. Bolton has already been transforming UKIP by going back to their 2015 manifesto, taking out the stricter stance against Islam in their 2017 manifesto.

As of now For Britain is still in pre-launch phase and does not have any platform yet. However we can assume that the party will focus on issues regarding Islam, multiculturalism and working class politics similar to parties in other European countries such as Front National, Alternative for Germany and Geert Wilders’ Party for Freedom. Waters has stated that she will “speak to the forgotten people in Britain”

With UKIP seeing a Post-Brexit decline and with Bolton’s reforms to moderate the party it seems like an opportunity for a new party on the right. However small parties in Britain have a history of struggling to get any traction due to its first past the post system, with only a few having relative success. There have been other parties that split from UKIP such as the now defunct Veritas and Liberty GB, but neither had much success. And with the rise of populism within the Conservative Party it seems that both UKIP and For Britain will have plenty of competition.

Still Waters has strong social media presence and the issue of Islam and multiculturalism has been escalating in Europe, with anti-Islam parties in mainland Europe seeing rapid success these last few years. It will be interesting to see how big this new party will become as UKIP continues to ignore those issues.

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