UKIP Latest: Hookem considers legal action against Woolfe as third hopeful enters leadership race

Steven Woolfe MEP

The UK Independence Party spat between MEPs Steven Woolfe and Mike Hookem has taken a further turn with Mr Hookem claiming that the photo that was Tweeted on Mr Woolfe sprawled on the floor after collapsing was “pure Hollywood” and is threatening legal action against Mr Woolfe for claiming that Mr Hookem punched him.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Mr Hookem said: “I was expecting a police squad to come and draw a line around him. People I have met who have had seizures they do not go down like that. It’s very suspect,” adding: “I’m taking advice on what is the next step to stop this man.”

Mr Woolfe was today discharged from hospital and is thought to be making his way back to the UK.

Bill Etheridge, who ran in the previous leadership contest with Mr Hookem’s support, today announced that he is also to stand in the leadership race. Raheem Kassam, another candidate, has wasted little time in ensuring his own campaign gathers pace, saying on his Facebook page last night that he has taken part in 40 interviews over 48 hours.

The contentious subject is the matter of the faction within the party that is firmly against interim leader Nigel Farage. Mr Kassam said that he would allow the party’s only MP Douglas Carswell and Welsh UKIP Leader Neil Hamilton AM – both critics of Mr Farage – to continue being members of the party provided both apologised for previous behaviour, but did insist he’d remove Mr Hamilton from the post of Welsh UKIP Leader.

Mr Carswell seemed far from apologising today, Tweeting this reference to the Parliamentary seat that Mr Farage contested and lost at the 2015 General Election.

Mr Kassam responded thus.

Mr Kassam is expected to launch his bid further with a public event this coming week. It is not known yet if Mr Hookem will support Mr Etheridge again.


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