UK Independence Party Sport Spokesman to give university talk

The UK Independence Party’s Spokesman for Sport, Bill Etheridge, is set to speak at Sussex University on the 3rd of November, having been invited by The Indigo Group, of which he is chairman, to deliver a speech standing-up for libertarianism. Speaking to NMC, Etheridge said: “I think that the concept of individual freedom and liberty is one that if openly and properly discussed, might excite and inspire people”. His attendance looks certain to generate a big crowd at this highly-anticipated event.

Etheridge speaks-up for true libertarian values. When asked about where he sees Libertarianism going in the future he responded optimistically. “I recently visited the libertarian part of America and they achieved 15% of the youth vote in the last election on a comparatively limited budget. I think it’s important that we allow challenging ideas to be discussed both in terms of economic liberalism and social libertarianism. I want the state to be rolled-back and the people to demand more liberty to live as they wish and keep more of their money. Nothing should be off the agenda for debate and discussion, and real freedom knows no boundaries or red lines for debate.”

Etheridge also went into details about his plans for UKIP in the future. “I am seeking to get people and UKIP as a whole to subscribe to the views I propagate through The Indigo Group. I think it’s important we make the libertarian case loud-and-clear. I believe Henry Bolton is a reasonable man who is willing to listen and it’s up to us to make what he hears is so compelling he takes the true libertarian path”.

When asked what the most important message he wanted to convey was, he said that “UKIP is not a party of hate or extreme nationalism. We are a part of exciting and new ideas where young people can get inspired and make a real impact on our development as a movement.”

NMC will be covering the event in detail.

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