Twitter Locks James Woods’ Account Censorship Continues

As the clear big tech bias against those to the right of Bernie Sanders continues, Pro-Trump Hollywood Actor, James Woods, is the latest victim of their heavy-handedness, as his account was locked for a mean tweet. Part of the reason given by Twitter was that Woods’ tweet could be “misleading in a way that could impact an election”. But, when the mainstream media does it, it’s perfectly A-OK, no?

Recently, Twitter suspended ‘For Britain’ leader, Anne Marie Waters, for saying spicy, but accurate things concerning Muslim grooming gangs in the UK. Within a week of this suspension, Twitter was caught promoting an ad for FGM which was viewed over 30,000 times.

Big names such as Alex Jones don’t seem to deter Big Tech from removing them from their platforms. However, it does raise suspicion considering how influential Alex Jones was in the run-up to the 2016 election, how much of Big Tech’s campaign donations went to The Democratic Party, and how Jones’ suspension came before the Midterms. Hmm…

Twitter also suspended ‘Blue Check Watch’ a few weeks ago–an account which literally screencapped and tweeted vile anti-white hatred spewed by verified Twitter users. Of course, the exposed verified users got to keep their accounts.

There has been a slowly increasing number of influential right-of-center accounts (listed below) which have been purged from the platform. Twitter, on the whole, is a pretty left-leaning site; given that platitudinous tweets praising progressive–or even downright communist–ideas go viral, whereas right-leaning tweets struggle to enjoy a fraction of that success.

Is it really just a matter of time until everybody with dissenting views gets shipped off to the digital gulag?


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