Twitter Bans New Media Central A Statement From the Owners

We were banned last week from Twitter during a huge purge of right-wing accounts. We had this week long interlude because we didn’t want to opine about the situation prior to the appeal, but that process takes forever, and from what I’ve been told never works out for the user.

This is a joint statement from both the owners, Ian Erickson and Sal Traina. We are appalled that Twitter can take news site’s voices such as ours, Infowars, and I am sure many others without impunity. They take our voices, so the public is unaware of certain events and topics mainstream media will not cover, or will cover drenched in their left-wing bias. They have taken these steps because we (alternative media as a whole) have now become a threat. They are on the offensive because alternative news sites from big to small are interjecting their voices into the mainstream discussion. Jack Dorsey, the owner of Twitter, even admitted they have a left leaning bias.

We have heard the arguments. Twitter is a private company and they can ban any account they want at their discretion. However, the NMC Twitter account didn’t seem to violate any of their rules. All the account did was auto post articles that we or our contributors would post on the site. The account did not engage with anyone, therefore it couldn’t be that we utilized the account to engage in any form of what they classify as “hate speech” on their platform. What Twitter must have had a problem with was the content of our site.

We are not a large news site; far from it. We don’t have anywhere near the reach of alternative news sites such as Infowars so we were surprised the ban occurred in the first place. They have been banning accounts because of extra-twitter activity, because they have found fault with the site itself.

As a result of the social media monopoly, with 3 companies owning the top 5 social media apps or sites (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram are the largest in that order) companies like GAB and Wrongthink have popped up. Free speech advocates were told by leftists now advocating for corporatist policies (which is amusing in its hypocrisy) to create our own sites so we can say whatever we want. GAB and Wrongthink did that. Recently GAB was at the mercy of the tech giant Microsoft. GAB uses Microsoft Azure as its host. There were two posts that were offensive in Microsoft’s eyes and if GAB didn’t remove the two posts, the site would be pulled in 48 hours. The user that posted the offending posts removed them themselves as to not cause an issue. Must free speech advocates now have to create our own hosting company?

Another recent case involves Robert Spencer (not Richard Spencer). His Patreon was shut down. He owns the site What is frightening about his case is he was told by Patreon it wasn’t them doing the banning, but it is the result of MasterCard not wanting to process the payments. Now must free speech advocates have to create our own credit card processing companies?

Imagine pulling over for gas and you are almost on empty. You whip out your MasterCard (debit or credit). You tell the attendant to fill it up. He then comes back and says the transaction won’t go through. So now you must pull away from the pump and call MasterCard customer service. After waiting 25 minutes to speak to someone you are told that because of “hate speech” you engaged in on the internet they cannot, and will not process your transactions anymore. I don’t wish to sound alarmist, however this seems like a very probable trajectory. They did it to one person on one platform, why not more in multiple areas of life? If they can shut us up utilizing left-wing pressure groups online, why not offline as well?

Right-wingers are being assaulted in the streets. They are being denied business from stores, bars, and dinning establishments for wearing a hat (Make America Great Again) that was created by the current sitting president of our country. We aren’t wearing hoods and masks. My wife (Ian Erickson) was almost driven off the road by some young white guy because of the Trump sticker on her car. He made it known by yelling “Fuck Trump” out of his window as my wife held on for dear life. This really happened, and all because she supported a person that at the time was a candidate to be president.

A vast majority of these assaults on Trump supporters and other right-wingers are very rarely reported by mainstream media. It takes sites like Infowars, The Ralph Retort,, New Media Central, and others to get the story out to the public that these assaults are even happening. I bet that if you ask most people from the general public that claim to watch the news regularly to name one person that was hurt as a result of political violence the response would be Heather Heyer and not Antonio Foreman or Congressman Steve Scalise.

Sure, there are right-wing sites that are popular like Breitbart. They are a huge site. However, why not have a multitude of big and small sites getting out the news that you won’t hear on CNN or even Fox News? There are things even the big sites won’t cover or opinions the big sites don’t like to publish.

What is the solution? Should we get congress involved in regulating these areas where people do everything from post pictures of their children to engaging in serious political discussions? Should these sites be regulated like a public utility? Should they charge a nominal fee and become something more akin to cell phone companies? Whatever the answer is, the shuttering of our site’s Twitter account impedes our ability to reach others.

The site will still be here and you can find our articles by following Ian @ianderickson. How long before he gets suspended? We don’t know because of Twitter’s terms of service being so vague when it comes to political speech, but that will have to be the plan for now.

We want to thank all our site’s readers and contributors. We appreciate all the support. Again, thank you.

Ian Erickson – Co-Owner/Editor-in-Chief
Sal Traina – Co-Owner/Managing Editor

Ian Erickson

About Ian Erickson

Ian is New Media Central’s Editor-in-Chief and one half of The Patriarchy Show. He is a married father with two sons and lives in New Jersey. He has worked on several campaigns from national, state and local levels. He has had pieces published in local NJ newspapers such as The Star Ledger. Also, he has contributed to The John Birch Society and various other websites. He had a book of poetry titled Broken published while majoring in Biblical Studies at Pillar College in NJ. He has had his poems published in various poetry journals. He has been a guest speaker at Pillar College to speak about creative writing and poetry. Ian was voted ” Most Sarcastic Person” for the state of New Jersey in 2007.