Toxic Femininity and Makeapp

So I have a new video about the recent brouhaha over the MakeApp.


If you follow the memeosphere, the hot trending topics, you’ve probably heard about a little app called, er, MakeApp. It’s a cellphone app designed by Russian Ashot Gabrelyanov that purports to be able to use a filter on a woman’s photograph to remove the makeup and reveal her au naturalle skin.

It can also add a madeup filter to photographs, and all in all this filter can be applied to both men and women. Doing a bit of research on the topic, the app uses an algorithm to wash out the color of the photograph, and in particular remove color from the standard makeup target areas (the eyes, the cheeks, the lips, etc.), so it’s not 100% accurate: and Gabrelyanov gaspardin doesn’t really claim it is. it’s a simulation to give a rough idea of what you look like without makeup. It’s not 100% accurate, in which

So far, it just seems like another dumb face changing app in the mode of something like Snapchat. What’s all the hubbub about?

Women hate this app, why you might ask? Of course, they are saying it’s “misogynistic”. And of course, Blue Checkmark Twitter leads the way! “Why are men upset that women are wearing makeup why must they interfere with women just leave us alone”. It’s blamed on masculine resentment of women, mistrusting women.

Furthermore, a women’s website lumps this in with all the Hollywood sex scandals—apparently, wanting women to embrace their natural looks and reject the hollywood body image, y’know, the thing that they’ve been complaining about for decades, is bad all of a sudden. So the moral of the story here is that, you SHOULD embrace artificial hollywood beauty standards?

Bearing in mid of course that I am an evil penis monster, I find this fuss over an app to be pretty ridiculous, you might as well be getting mad over the snapchat Dogface twitter that all the thots use.

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