Top 5 British Police Virtue Signals

You’re nicked, sunshine.

The UK police have become something of a meme on social and alternative media for shenanigans ranging from seemingly wild misallocations of resources to hyper-political correctness, and overall pettiness.

In British urban areas, violent crimes and burglaries are through the roof; and, to add insult to injury, many police departments are chronically underfunded (hold that thought).

Record numbers of suspected Jihadists slip back into the country (unnoticed) at times, sometimes winding up to claim Jobseeker’s Allowance; but, female right-wing pundits with the wrong views are considered too dangerous to be granted entry to the country.

Thousands of white British girls have been, and are possibly continued to be, systematically groomed and abused by “Asian” men. However, if you dare reveal the core identity of the perpetrators on social media, you’ll get a knock on the door and a thorough interrogation of your problematic ideas.

Here, I go through some of what, in my opinion, are the cringiest attempted virtue signals from the UK police:


    1. Let’s begin with the most recent one: GMP Bolton Central posted this… erm… costume?

2. This police car got spruced up by taxpayer funds from the “diversity budget”. No, I’m not kidding.

3. The UK tabloids picked up on this virtue signal and the original tweet has been deleted. Incidentally, nail painting isn’t exactly the kindest virtue signal for an anti-slavery hashtag as some people are still thought to be enslaved/trafficked in the cosmetic industry. Oops!

4. South Wales Police slipped on some high heels to raise awareness for domestic abuse. Between 2010-2016, South Wales Police dealt with 43,000 calls concerning domestic abuse. Call me old-fashioned, but maybe more traditional approaches to policing could reduce domestic abuse rather than flaunting some heels.

5. This one is so laughable, it almost wants to make you cry. Luton–the town where Tommy Robinson resides–has a large Muslim population and is a hotbed for jihadist activity. Luton is located in Bedfordshire. The Bedfordshire Police tweeted out an image (which has been deleted), with the intention of raising awareness against Islamophobia, but accidentally included an ISIS one-finger salute. D’oh!


Well, anyway, make sure you stay on the right side of the law. Make sure you don’t say anything that could be misconstrued as “hate speech” on Twitter, have all your loicenses up to date including your TV loicense, and leave your butterknife at home if you wish to go for a picnic.

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