Thinking Correctly About Minimum Wage


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Yes, it would be nice if workers could get a few more dollars, but without hurting the economy further.

Do voters even think about where their money comes from? I am positive the answer is no. These are the same people who think they’re going to be receiving free healthcare, or that taxing the rich, oil companies, and corporations in the name of fairness won’t come back to bite them you know where.

Having a simple understanding on how the economy actually works, sans any references of fairness or bills that mention affordability, would go a long way for the public in waking up to reality. glambot coupon What is that reality? The majority of voting citizens ARE low information voters and continuously vote career politicians in who create economic problems and their scapegoats so they can remain in office to fix the issues that they themselves created. It’s a vicious cycle.

Just like taxes and regulations, minimum wage hikes in slow economic times cause businesses to work around these burdens in order to maintain their profit margins. 99% of the time, costs are passed on to the consumer. That’s how it comes back to bite you.

Low wage workers work at supermarkets, fast food restaurants, and gas stations; and a lot of these locations are in low income areas. When wages are artificially raised by government (or the votes of an unwitting public), the prices of basic essentials such as low-priced food, fuel, and milk raise.

So, in the end, a raise for part-time workers equals a raise in the cost of living. Not fair, right? Sadly, in this day and age, though, citizens are conditioned to status quo living and the thought that tipping the scales, rather than fixing issues at the root of the problem, is the answer.

The real answer to raising low income earners from poverty level wages is very simple. It’s just the process that is difficult, only because of the status quo predisposition of the voting majority.

Before voting on minimum wages, we need a balanced budget amendment and term limits votes. That will create an incentive to weed out dirty politicians from the fiscally civil responsible servants we need. Fiscally responsible lawmakers will help raise the value of the dollar by creating a better atmosphere for job creators. Politicians who would ignore corporate lobbyists (and, most importantly, regulate the Federal Reserve) would create an economic boom that would benefit all workers, especially minimum wage earners.

Are you going to keep voting for “feel good” measures designed to paint one political party in a bad light, or FINALLY help create a healthy political climate? I think I know the answer, and it’s a shame. I can say with full confidence, and without portraying an air of conceit, that I wish more people thought like me. It would go a long way to bring about real change in progress for society, rather than the advancement of tyranny.

Sal Traina

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