They’re Not Even Trying To Hide It Anymore

For years now, I have been writing about the establishment, and not the establishment political commentators talk about on network news. It goes much deeper than what they, and even I have mentioned. In one of my op-eds, I mention one of the signs to look for to know when the establishment is threatened.

In the last paragraph of that article, I mention push-back by members of both sides of our two-party system, and it’s happening folks. It’s in plain sight, but only the people who understand how the system actually works see it. Non-establishment candidate Donald Trump has the cards stacked against him during this election. For years unwitting (I love using the word ‘unwitting’ as much as possible because I feel it describes perfectly the majority of men and women who soak in establishment propaganda from all of their controlled sources) voters have been divided by the two-party paradigm by Democrats and Republicans who give the illusion of choice. Now, a decade-old secret recording of Trump saying lewd comments about women was assumed to be the perfect opportunity by the establishment to finally come out, and end his candidacy once and for all.

The politicians we thought were foes are now suddenly aligning to shut down Trump’s chances of becoming President. The Bush’s are supporting the Clinton’s, Ryan is agreeing with Reid, McCain is siding with Soros, Fox is reporting like CNN and MSNBC, and Billy Bush was liked for one day until he was heard laughing at a Donald Trump comment. Republicans who are in trouble in their own elections are swaying with the polls. McCain liked Trump last week, but the media narrative shifted, and now he and his wife Cindy, can no longer endorse Donald Trump.

What controls this shift, and the establishment push-back? The answer is much more than the desire to stay in power and cash in on taxpayers. That’s because the establishment includes more than just elected officials. The people pulling the strings such as big donors who manipulate policy throughout the world such as George Soros, and the corporations and Wall Street firms want to protect their assets.

I hope you don’t think that if Donald Trump wins, we win. That would be a great first, but small step in an uphill battle against the ruling class. They still have a many cards up their sleeve, and are willing to do ANYTHING to hold onto power. They still have the media to shape our thoughts and kill our hopes, education to poison our children’s’ minds with globalist propaganda, the Justice Department to keep them immune from prosecution, and a tax code to punish those who do not conform to their demented belief system. When you finally learn what the establishment really is, and why they do what they do, things become more clear…and scary.

Did you think I was kidding when I said I write about the establishment?


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