The UT Stabbing: Motive & Suspect 5/2/17

On the 1st of May, in the sunny afternoon, a man with a bowie knife went on a stabbing spree within the grounds of the University of Texas’ Austin campus. 3 students were injured and one student, a Mr. Harrison Brown, was fatally injured and succumbed to his wounds. The suspect has been identified as Kendrex J. White. The motivation behind the bizarre rampage remains unclear though some believe that Mr. White may have connections to a local Antifa (antifascist action) group who had previously been terrorizing a UT based frat house. However, it remains to be seen whether or not Mr. White is indeed a member of the above mentioned organization. According to the police Mr. White remained completely calm upon his arrest and did not resist.

Harrison Brown, whose life was cut short in the vicious attack.

White was a junior at the university and was studying biology. He had only one prior arrest for driving under the influence of “happy pills” (Zoloft). It is as yet unknown whether or not there were any drugs in Mr. White’s system before or during the attack. White is currently in the custody of local authorities.

UT President, Gregory L. Fenves’ comments regarding the incident may be read here.