The US Army’s First Muslim Division-Level Chaplain

Over the years some people have told that I am wrong to oppose Muslims serving in the US Military, saying that they are serving our country. My response has been that besides the obvious threat of violence like the Fort Hood shooting, something even more insidious is happening; the Islamicification and normalization of Islam in the US Military, which in the long run is a proven cultural suicide.

Army’s First Muslim Division-Level Chaplain Serves All Faiths

Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Khallid Shabazz became the Army’s first division-level Muslim chaplain during a May 23 ceremony at the Lewis Main Chapel here.

Shabazz became the 7th Infantry Division’s chaplain, succeeding Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Jimmy Nichols, who is headed to Fort Sill, Oklahoma, to be the installation chaplain there.

Army Maj. Gen. Thomas S. James Jr., 7th Infantry Division commander, officiated at the ceremony and said the division is in good hands with Shabazz. The Army chief of chaplains selected Shabazz for the job in January based on his leadership qualities. He is charged with ensuring and supporting the free exercise of religion by service members, families and civilians.

The only problem with that statement is that Islam does not support freedom of religion.

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