The Sandmen Are Here

We are entering a period that is similar to a real-life Logan’s Run, but instead of our lives being taken (at least not yet), our individuality is being stripped from us. Our society has been shaped from pop-culture, which is designed to program us to all think and behave a certain way. A lot of us go about our days thinking that we are fashion icons, inventors of new ideas, and trendsetters, all while failing to realize we’re doing everything that everyone else is doing.

Conservatives and Libertarians are the Logan’s, trying to run from the establishment to save whatever sense of self-worth we have left. The liberals and socialists are the Francis’s, the “Sandmen” who chase after us on behalf of their establishment masters.

If you don’t think we are being forced to conform to the state’s rules, think about what is happening to folks who don’t follow them. We have to eat their food, take their medicines, listen or watch their approved source of entertainment , watch their news, and believe their consensus on science, rather than facts and data.

It’s just so much easier to conform to the will of your masters, right? We don’t need our own lives. Walking around earth with no individualism or purpose other than to serve the state sounds like such an appealing life. All sarcasm aside, I’d like you to think about your children’s futures if you have any, or are planning on having any. There is a major push to create a one-world control over the entire planet, and in order for that to happen, citizens must give up their unalienable rights and protections from government for rules and regulations.

The life of a slave to the state is appealing for those who want to wake up, work, sleep, and repeat every day for the rest of their lives. A life without purpose is not something I want for my children.

History has proven time after time that a populace must be silenced before they can be disarmed, and after disarmament, is elimination. If you think history doesn’t repeat itself, or that my Logan’s Run analogy is a little over-dramatic, please read about the Cultural Revolution in China to erase any doubts.

In Logan’s Run, found in the ruins of Washington, was an elderly man. He was a symbol of what life once was, and could be again for the enslaved citizens of the state. We have that elderly man in Washington right now, and the opportunity to steer our lives into the right direction is passing us by. Don’t let the Francis’s convince you otherwise.

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