The Sad Story of the Reimer Twins (Manthropology)

The video that I made this week isn’t going to provide many laughs, but nonetheless it discusses a very important topic. It discusses the gender fluidity experiment that destroyed people’s lives and yet somehow laid the foundation for everything we’re supposed to believe today (and for obvious reasons you probably haven’t heard of it). The story of the Reimer Twins, John Money, and the birth of the transgender movement.

David and Brian Reimer were twin brothers born in Winnipeg, Canada, in 1965. The twins were diagnosed with phimosis, a failure of the foreskin to retract properly, and circumcision was prescribed. David’s circumcision was botched and he was essentially castrated.

Rightfully concerned, the two parents went to Johns Hopkins in Baltimore and met with Dr. John Money a doctor who was heralded as a groundbreaking pioneer with his gender identity clinic, a state of the art clinic treating people with sexual disorders. Naturally with such a credentialed medical practitioner, they took his advice. And what was that advice?

Money’s idea was to surgically remove what little remained of David’s penis and simply raise him as a girl instead of a boy. Why was this his idea? Two reasons, one being that reconstructive surgery on the penis was basically non-existent in the 1960s, and secondly to test a theory. John Money, much like other “good thinkers” of the time and to this day, felt that sexuality and sexual behavior were primarily caused by social conditioning from early childhood, thus for the castrated child’s own sake, if you just reaised him as a girl from infancy, it would be easier than being a boy with a mangled penis.

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