The Patriarchy Show Episode #6

Ian & Sal talk about the big victory for Brexit in the UK. Sebastian Cheek, New Media Central’s UK/Europe contributor, joins us for reaction to the outcome of the Brexit vote and he talks about the Euro zone. If you didn’t pay attention, you wouldn’t have known about an assassination attempt on Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton is a terribly programmed robot. Bryden Proctor of Right to Bryden joins us to talk about hot brown women and liberal pussies. We talk about how muslims on Twitter want to kill atheists and that idiots are still defending Michael Jackson even though his stash of child pornography was released.

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Sal Traina

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Sal authored & co-authored articles in various political and technology publications, e-newsletters, websites, & blogs. In radio, he wrote a blueprint for successful internet radio programming and station management. Sal has a gained a reputation as a captivating and polarizing digital and print media figure INTERESTS: -Political history, philosophy and libertarian politics -Talk radio and program management -Studying and exposing mainstream media propoganda, corporatism, and pop culture shaping by global elites -Writing about the decline of American culture, the complacency of the masses, and promoting personal responsibility