The Patriarchy Show Episode 28 “Muslims Hate Valentine’s Day” w/ Pave Darker

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Muslims really are not fond of Valentine’s Day. Burger King in Israel sold adult happy meals with sex toys. Pave Darker, researcher extraordinaire joins us. We go over his shadow ban and how he exposed Berkeley college having a violent antifa member on it’s list of employees. Comedian Pat Dixon was supposed to come on but Ian screwed up and sent him the wrong link. General Flynn gets taken out, is the CIA sabotaging the Trump administration? The 90’s musicians Snow & Moby can take down President Trump. A left wing online publication got trolled by 4chan’s /pol/. A small female (Guatemalan?) middle school teacher wants to beat up Nazis.

Pat Dixon does two episodes of NYC Crime Report. You can catch Pat Dixon’s show which he does on Anthony Cumia’s Compound Media network here, and you can find the other episode, which is free, here. Both episodes are different so make sure to listen to each for maximum NYC filthy goodness. For dates to see Pat preform live go to his website. Also, don’t forget to follow him on Twitter.

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