The Patriarchy Show Episode 24 “The Patriarchy Show Hurts Hurts Everyone” w/ Kaiter Enless

Kaiter Enless is a professional writer, political aficionado and futurist operating out of the beautiful farm country of Ohio. His interests primarily lie in reevaluating the way language is used in political and philosophical discourse and understanding how the continuous modulation thereof affects America’s collective, social thinking as well as reestablishing a strong and coherent American Identity. Mr. Enless is a graduate from the Art Insitute of Pittsburgh with an Associates degree in Graphic Design.

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On this day of tragedy in Florida Ian & Sal went a lot to go over. Kaiter Enless joined us to discuss various topics from multiculturalism to Western Civilization. Ian and Sal find an awful podcast by a few SJWs & one of them is smitten with Richard Spencer. The kidnapping in Chicago was disgusting and Ian & Sal discover rap music from one of the pieces of garbage involved.

Kaiter Enless is a contributor to New Media Central and host of EPL Podcast which can also be found on NMC.
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