The Patriarchy Show Ep. 23 End of the Year Extravaganza 4 Hour Special

Ian and Sal have their year end extravaganza show and it is a long one. Over 4 hours long to be exact. However, it is full of amazing guests, hilarity, offensive jokes and opinion, and dead wrestlers.

First up is the great Pat Dixon. He is an NYC Comedian and host of NYC Crime Report on Compound Media. He also has a free companion episode of NYC Crime Report he does in addition to the one on Compound Media. Both episodes are different so make sure to listen to each for maximum NYC filthy goodness. We talked about the worst mayor in NYC history, Bill DeBlasio, the garbage cops have to deal with. BLM, and why entertainers hate the police so much.
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JAN 4, 8:30PM
11:15PM SPOT
​JAN 6, 10:30PM
JAN 13, 10:30PM

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Our second guest was Ethan Ralph, or simply The Ralph. He is the owner & Editor-in-Chief of the We discuss his top stories of 2016. Nintendo prostitutes, steaming masturbation by mistake and Hillary’s doctor are all included.
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Seattle4Truth joined us for a discussion about George Soros. We played his very detailed YouTube video “Soros Plot to CRASH THE ECONOMY on Inauguration Day? Looks Like it!”. He is the political editor at The Ralph Retort.
You can read the article he coauthored with Milo Yiannopoulos here.
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We then go across the pond to England and speak to NMC UK editor Sebastian Cheek and NMC UK contributor Jack Smith. We discuss the advances made on The UK leaving the EU and other right wing movements occurring right now in Europe. They also have an announcement to make about their upcoming NMC exclusive podcast “Make America Great Britain Again”.
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Lastly we have the infamous Bryden Proctor. He is NMC Senior Editor and host of Right to Bryden. We discuss the current state of the alt right and what he thinks is the future of global nationalism.
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Ian Erickson

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Ian is married father with two sons that lives in New Jersey. Ian has decided to enter back into the world of news and opinion. He is member of the GOP that has worked on several campaigns from national, state and local levels. He has had opinion pieces published in local NJ newspapers such as The Star Ledger. Also, he has contributed to The John Birch Society and various other websites. He had a book of poetry published while majoring in Biblical Studies at Pillar College in NJ. The book is titled Broken. He has had his poems published in poetry journals. He has been a guest speaker at Pillar College to speak about creative writing and poetry. Ian was voted ” Most Sarcastic Person” for the state of New Jersey in 2007.