The NHS is Racist! Their Employment Stats Say Otherwise

According to the head of the British Medical Association (BMA), Chaand Nagpaul, The NHS is ‘subconsciously racist’.

The Mail reports that Nagpaul claims that he was rejected nine times from GP training because of his name.

Nagpaul told the Telegraph that ‘there is probably a subconscious bias that needs to be addressed’ while highlighting a lack of equality within The NHS.

Despite these claims, the number of Black or Minority Ethnic (BME) background employees entering ‘senior management’ roles has jumped 18% in the past two years.

Also, around a third of NHS employees are of BME backgrounds–double the proportion of the UK population at large.

If the NHS was really suffering from such a pernicious case of racism, then, why would they employ so many individuals from ethnic minority backgrounds?

Many of the claims made by Mr Nagpaul cannot be substantiated as the racism is ‘subconscious’. With the exception of earnings in certain fields; but, accounting for certain factors such as hours worked, qualifications, specialization, etc, a superficial claim cannot be validated without delving into the issue further.

This isn’t the first time The NHS hasn’t passed the ‘woke’ litmus test. Unison claims that racist incidents have been on the rise since the Brexit vote. The Times published a piece, in 2004, about a leaked report which found racism in the NHS to be rampant, finding “BLACK patients are regarded in the NHS as “more aggressive, more alarming, more dangerous and more difficult to treat” than whites…”

Maybe, in order to atone for their current unprogressive transgressions, the NHS could pull a page out of Australia’s book where a change, according to, could mean that nurses and midwives would have to “acknowledge their white privilege” before treating patients:- “Nurses and midwives around the country must now adhere to a new code of conduct with a section specifically dedicated to “culture” and which details white Australians’ inherent privilege “in relation to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders”.”

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