The Media Keeps Normalizing Pedophilia

Salon infamously provoked some outrage in 2015 when they published a now-deleted article about “virtuous” pedophile, Todd Nickerson. Vice magazine published last week ostensibly siding an LGBT prison gang, which was written by a convicted pedophile, who was a gang member and currently serving time. The New York Times also ran an opinion piece which was more understanding towards pedophilia in 2014. Academia has grown increasingly friendly to the prospect of normalizing pedophilia over the past 50 years, rapidly accelerating in the last decade. I could go on pointing to entities, which enjoy a large reach, set on trying to make pedophilia more socially palatable; but we could be here for some time.


Today, Vice magazine–known for its *ahem* provocative articles with a far-left twist–released an article today which could be deemed to promote pederasty.

In the article, the photographer who captures the images of “boys on the precipice of manhood” is said to explore “the notion of “boyhood” and the inevitable journey of “becoming men” by illustrating the vulnerability and fragility of pre-masculine behaviors in adolescent boys.”

While the photographer states that he isn’t “driven by children” and that the pictures are to express something more general with his own experience; bare-chested photos of adolescents and Vice’s subheading on their tweet suggesting his “tender” photos “offer an intimate look at young American men as they transition into adults”, coupled with Vice’s reputation definitely raises some eyebrows.

Several left-of-center publications such as “Now This” and “Seen” have lionized 11-year-old drag queen, “Desmond The Amazing”, whose popularity and following seem to be steadily growing. But, he isn’t the only preteen drag queen out there. And while his supporters may say that “he isn’t hurting anyone”, it’s very difficult to deny that these children are being plunged into a sexualized environment and the clickbait media has played a huge part in promoting these stories.


Teen Vogue, as you can probably tell, is a magazine aimed at teenagers. Last year, they ran a piece titled “Video Shows Toddlers Understand Consent”, as well as a how-to guide on anal sex for teenagers, as prospective readerships become younger and directionless.


Moreover, stories of these natures are becoming more frequent–almost inoculating their readership to more explicit articles. But, thankfully, most attempts to slip articles of this nature on social media tend to get ratioed with torrents of abuse.


Nevertheless, going forward, I predict that we can expect to see more–many more–articles attempting to normalize pedophilia, or for us to consider the plight of the non-offending pedophile, or supporting children being immersed in sexualized environments. Buckle up.




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