The Left Is Mad At Hillary’s Pro-TPP, Pro-Wall Street Pick

Bloomberg – If Hillary Clinton is looking to show the Democratic Party’s liberal wing that she’s ready to be tough on Wall Street as president, her choice of running mate may not help much.
In selecting Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia over progressive favorites such as Senators Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts or Sherrod Brown of Ohio, Clinton is partnering with a lawmaker whose stances on finance and trade policies have sparked backlash from some of her most persistent critics.
After a bruising primary campaign in which Bernie Sanders threatened her front-runner status by painting her as a friend of the financial industry, Clinton faced pressure from within the party to show her willingness to hold banks accountable. The decision to pick Kaine seems to leave her with work to do on that front.
“She’s going to have to give them something else,” according to Karen Shaw Petrou, managing partner of research firm Federal Financial Analytics. That could mean taking more aggressive positions on financial issues or, if she wins, filling administration positions with left-leaning candidates, Petrou said.
Liberal opposition to Kaine began to emerge with media reports that he was on Clinton’s shortlist for the vice presidential nomination. Earlier this week, progressive groups expressed outrage after the first-term senator joined a group of Democratic lawmakers asking bank regulators to consider easing capital requirements for large regional banks.

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