The Justin Martin Show Episode 18- The Pink Pistol- Doxing Drama, SJWs, and Islam


The Pink Pistol joins Justin to discuss doxing, being an ex-Muslim, social justice, and the presidential race.

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Ian Erickson

About The Justin Martin Show

Ian is married father with two sons that lives in New Jersey. Ian has decided to enter back into the world of news and opinion. He is member of the GOP that has worked on several campaigns from national, state and local levels. He has had opinion pieces published in local NJ newspapers such as The Star Ledger. Also, he has contributed to The John Birch Society and various other websites. He had a book of poetry published while majoring in Biblical Studies at Pillar College in NJ. The book is titled Broken. He has had his poems published in poetry journals. He has been a guest speaker at Pillar College to speak about creative writing and poetry. Ian was voted ” Most Sarcastic Person” for the state of New Jersey in 2007.

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