The Day #DogRight Hurt The NYT’s Fee-Fees


Doggos are a well-known lovable furry quadruped mammal which have forged an unbreakable bond with humans spanning over several millennia. Cute doggos often find themselves in a whole array of comical and unexpected predicaments, attracting attention from doglovers around the globe. Doglovers may often, unwittingly, become hooked on social media pages only to spend hours browsing through pictures, gifs, and clips of doggos doing the darnedest things. However, some insidious political accounts have exploited the heart-melting facial expressions of doggos in order to push their political agenda. As the NYT reports:


The goal of the dog lovers’ page was more obscure. But some analysts suggested a possible motive: to build a large following before gradually introducing political content.”

By building a significant following through innocent doggos, hateful bigots may insert Trumpist/Alt-Right statistics into their posts, with the intention of “getting the noggin joggin'”, to “activate those almonds”, or to “redpill normies”. By injecting right-wing propaganda into these posts, unwary users may become radicalized, drifting to more extreme sites such as 4chan. Those on the alt-right sometimes claim that dogs are only really cherished in Western culture, pointing to their mistreatment in other cultures. In redefining the dog’s symbolism as a talisman of Western values, these social media trolls seek to associate dogs with the West and all its racism, sexism, capitalism, colonialism, patriarchy, hierarchy, and inequality; thus irretrievably tarring the image of dogs to the average person.


Scheming trolls have set up politically neutral pages such as #DogRight to garner steady support for future political battles on social media. According to the NYT’s report:


“some, like the dogs page, may have been created without a specific goal and held in reserve for future use.” 


Former FBI agent, Clinton Watts, suggests:


“They were creating many audiences on social media to try to influence around…”

It would seem that the troll strategists would be sneakily targeting political fence-sitters, during this political downtime in preparation for 2018 and 2020. The #DogRight trolls aren’t known to have any current relationship with Russia, but it still cannot be comprehensively ruled out, given their aggressive recruitment tactics.


If the Russia-backed alt-right continues to employ these stealthy methods, quite considerable support on social media could be lost, posing a detrimental threat to staunch progressives everywhere. Alt-right trolls have also begun to superimpose hate facts onto pictures of scantily clad models, adding insult to their incurable sexism. We must engage the trolls head on with our tails up – cry ‘Havoc!’, and let slip the dogs of war!


Orwell & Goode

Orwell & Goode (a pun for “all well and good”) is a Youtuber, blogger, and an economics masters degree student. He personally identifies as a paleolibertarian, but extends his support to nationalist movements throughout the Western world. His main interests lie in documenting the decline of the Western world and identifying economic policies which may shape society for better or worse. He is the host of the “All Well and Good Show” and the co-host of news round-up “Waking Up The West” on YouTube.


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