The Columbus Dispatch Uses Lies and Fear Mongering for Independence Day

Back in March with the help of my friend in Ohio, I was able to illuminate the lies the Columbus Dispatch made about Trump supporters being violent at a Chicago rally on March 11th of this year. These purely organic “protests” were organized by George Soros connected groups. It would seem by pure coincidence that William Ayers the famed domestic terrorist from Weather Underground and Barack Obama mentor was there as well. These protests organized by old left-wing forces dedicated to creating chaos on American streets violently prohibited a presidential candidate from speaking to the people. Also, police were injured during this mess.

The biased Columbus Dispatch used a photo by an award-winning photo journalist and printed a deceiving cutline under the photo of Trump. It also seemed like this misleading cutline was being attributed to this journalist.

The cutline attributes the violence in Chicago to Trump supporters.

The cutline attributes the violence in Chicago to Trump supporters.

After I posted the image on Twitter of the out right lie the Columbus Dispatch had printed, pressure mounted by the photo journalist and a lot of people on Twitter to the Columbus Dispatch. The paper finally responded days later. The Columbus Dispatch eventually issued a retraction but never announced the retraction on any social media platform. It was buried like most retractions.

Now, on the anniversary celebration of our great nation’s birth, an editorial was printed to stir and wind up a fear mongering campaign being directed by the left. Today’s print version of the Columbus Dispatch printed an editorial explaining that Muslim Americans should worry and how a Trump presidency would trample constitutional rights.

Editorial in the July 4th 2016 print edition of The Columbus Dispatch

Editorial in the July 4th 2016 print edition of The Columbus Dispatch

I have read and listened to many Trump speeches and the only things I have heard him say should worry Muslims of foreign countries and any here involved with terrorist organizations, not American Muslims trying to build a future for themselves and their families, is the fact he wishes to place more scrutiny on countries that harbor a great amount of Islamic terrorists.

However, this does not factor into the left’s fear mongering campaign. They cannot find a monster under the bed so they must create one in Donald Trump. The cries of racist, bigot and literally Hitler have been parroted by protesters at Trump rallies and by left-wing morons all across the internet. We can laugh or argue with the people who truly believe these things however, there is something more insidious occurring, and that is the media has forced these lies into the heads of the American people.

Yes, these people that have fallen for the left’s deceitful propaganda must be confronted, but it is the lying press that must be confronted even more harshly daily for whipping people up into a frenzy with lies. The same lies people use to justify their fervid behavior that leads them to assault innocent Americans that only want to see a man running for president speak.

Everybody blog, tweet and write about every instance you see of the press using lies to saturate the minds of the populace into a zealous frenzy. They are pushing the lies to give groups like Antifa (more about Antifa here as well) and BAMN the moral justification to hurt freedom loving Americans.

We do not have to stoop to their level and lie so people become worried or distressed. We can just report the truth and use pictures like I have in this article of the press lying.

This 4th of July celebrate America’s independence with your families and friends. Go to the beach. Throw the football. Light sparklers with your kids. Don’t allow the left’s attempts to scare you have a negative impact on this great day. However, once the sun comes up tomorrow we all have a lot of work to continue to do.

Any tips, videos and pictures of your local news blatantly lying to create fear and panic please email to

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