22 Dead Over 50 Wounded after explosion in Manchester at Ariana Grande Concert Treated as terrorist attack

Police have confirmed that there have been 19 people have been killed after an apparent explosion at an Ariana Grande concert at Manchester Arena. Accounts of what happen suggest that loud bangs were heard shortly after the end of the performance. 50 people have also been injured in the blast, which was said to have taken place […]

Berlin Attack: ISIS Predictably Claims Responsibility

In the wake of atrocious terror attack in Berlin, Germany, where a lorry driver slaughter 12 people and severely injured 49 other, the islamic supremacy group, ISIS, has publicly claimed responsibility. This information was publicly stated through ISIS’s Amaq news agency which said that one of their “soldiers” was responsible. The exact identity of the […]

Merkel, You Have Blood On Your Hands!

When Merkel said that Germany could cope with as many refugees as possible and that “all should come”, she thought she was doing a great humanitarian deed, which would help sort out the horrors of the migration crisis, which has seen babies wash up on beaches and people starving in camps. In the first few […]