SMITH’S SOAPBOX: Has the Trump Train chugged onto the wrong tracks? ALSO: The media silence on Sweden and why hasn't Douglas Carswell written back to me?

“I’m gonna bomb the shit out of them!” proclaimed President Trump of ISIS. Well, he’s made a start. And this bombing is at least in keeping with a promise he made in his campaign. Last week’s bombing of Syria against President Assad’s alleged chemical attack on his own people has seriously created division between his […]

Migrant Crisis Investigator, Ami Horowitz, Viciously Assaulted In Sweden

The well known American media personality, investigative journalist and documentary film-maker, Ami Horowitz recently traveled to Sweden to detail the ongoing tensions arising from the countries open-arms policy towards the migrant crisis and whether or not there was a correlation between the migrant influx and the sudden spike in rape. What drew him, he stated, […]