Putin Spokesman: “Russian Ambassador Met With Clinton Campaign Advisers”

Daily Caller- The spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin turned the tables Sunday by saying that the Russian ambassador to the U.S. also met with people connected to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, not just Trump advisers. Dmitry Peskov, Putin’s spokesman, told CNN “GPS” host Fareed Zakaria that Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak met with “people working in […]

Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak Visited Barack Obama 22 Times Kislyak Also Visited The White House An Additional 12 Times

The Daily Caller reports Kislyak appeared in the logs as recently as September 2016 when he had a meeting scheduled with one of Obama’s senior advisers, John Holdren, in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. The other visitors listed at the meeting are Marina W. Gross, Alexander Ermolaev, Alexey Lopatin, Vyacheslav Balakirev and Sergey Sarazhinskiy. Though […]

Lone Gunman or Turkish Agent?

Lone Gunman, or Turkish Agent? While attending an exhibition titled: Russia as seen by the Turks, Ambassador Andrei Karlov was gunned down by a Muslim. According to the mainstream media, the assassination was carried out by a lone individual, and the motivation is Russian involvement in Syria. He gunned down the Ambassador, shouted about why […]