AntiFa Thugs Get Taste Of Own Medicine At Berkeley Free Speech Rally 4/16/17

On 4/15/17 a rally was held in Berkeley, California’s Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park in support of free speech. Shortly after the event began the entire region was divided via a long orange net fencing – on one side, pro-Trumpers, Alt-Righters, Nationalists, milquetoast free-speech activists of very political affiliation and on the other […]

Berlin Attack: ISIS Predictably Claims Responsibility

In the wake of atrocious terror attack in Berlin, Germany, where a lorry driver slaughter 12 people and severely injured 49 other, the islamic supremacy group, ISIS, has publicly claimed responsibility. This information was publicly stated through ISIS’s Amaq news agency which said that one of their “soldiers” was responsible. The exact identity of the […]

Migrant Crisis Investigator, Ami Horowitz, Viciously Assaulted In Sweden

The well known American media personality, investigative journalist and documentary film-maker, Ami Horowitz recently traveled to Sweden to detail the ongoing tensions arising from the countries open-arms policy towards the migrant crisis and whether or not there was a correlation between the migrant influx and the sudden spike in rape. What drew him, he stated, […]

MAGA and The City

The best part of living in LA is how quickly people come and go. If they’re not leaving for good, they’re hopping across the globe for reasons I forget after drinking cocktails while checking Facebook updates. When you’re a Trump supporter in Los Angeles, you don’t get much play. Living life as Hitler is rough. […]