SMITH’S SOAPBOX: Ta very much, Tony – you changed British politics for the worse Plus: The week in LOLitics and extension of congratulations to Nigel Farage

May 1st, 1997. I actually remember it well. Sat on the sofa, watching a jug-eared, failed guitarist called Tony Blair walk into Downing Street after a huge landslide victory which saw his New Labour vision come to fruition. I was only four-years-old at the time and my only interests were the Spice Girls and Action […]

Carswell Quits UKIP Breaking News

Douglas Carswell has left the UK Independence Party and is to become an Independent MP for the Clacton constituency. In a post on his blog, Mr Carswell said that he is leaving the party: “…amicably, cheerfully and in the knowledge that we won.” He added that he will not be calling a by-election. Carswell joined UKIP in […]

Smith’s Soapbox: Will UKIP turn to a bail-out from Banks? And has Douglas Carswell gone one Tweet too far?

The moment Paul Nuttall’s defeat in last week’s Stoke-On-Trent Central by-election was confirmed, many saw it as the death knell for the UK Independence Party. Obituaries were written by people on both ends of the political spectrum, and questions were asked of Nuttall’s leadership. It felt like UKIP was the last dodo, wandering the wilderness […]

Peter Hitchens Interview with NMC Europe Editor Sebastian Cheek

Peter Hitchens Interview with NMC Europe Editor Sebastian Cheek New Media Central Europe Editor Sebastian Cheek interviews the great Peter Hitchens at the wonderful Seraphine Olympia in Kensington. Peter Hitchens has predicted much of what is currently happening within politics in The UK and he elaborates on that and much more. You can follow Peter […]

The Euro is Doomed to Fail

The Euro is doomed to fail. The Euro has, for some time now, been shown to be a failure. The Euro crisis is a direct effect of shared currency and shared credit ratings, allowing countries like Greece to borrow until they could borrow no more because of the misconception that if Greece defaulted then Germany […]