SMITH’S SOAPBOX: Has the Trump Train chugged onto the wrong tracks? ALSO: The media silence on Sweden and why hasn't Douglas Carswell written back to me?

“I’m gonna bomb the shit out of them!” proclaimed President Trump of ISIS. Well, he’s made a start. And this bombing is at least in keeping with a promise he made in his campaign. Last week’s bombing of Syria against President Assad’s alleged chemical attack on his own people has seriously created division between his […]

Carswell Quits UKIP Breaking News

Douglas Carswell has left the UK Independence Party and is to become an Independent MP for the Clacton constituency. In a post on his blog, Mr Carswell said that he is leaving the party: “…amicably, cheerfully and in the knowledge that we won.” He added that he will not be calling a by-election. Carswell joined UKIP in […]

Smith’s Soapbox: Will UKIP turn to a bail-out from Banks? And has Douglas Carswell gone one Tweet too far?

The moment Paul Nuttall’s defeat in last week’s Stoke-On-Trent Central by-election was confirmed, many saw it as the death knell for the UK Independence Party. Obituaries were written by people on both ends of the political spectrum, and questions were asked of Nuttall’s leadership. It felt like UKIP was the last dodo, wandering the wilderness […]

Woolfe “awake but groggy” after EuroParl altercation as UKIP dramas continue

Thursday’s shocking incident in the European Parliament in Strasbourg, which saw UK Independence Party MEP Steven Woolfe assaulted and requiring hospital treatment, further underlines the disunity within the party. For its members and supporters, it is a deeply concerning time regarding its future and something drastic needs to be done in order for it to be placed […]

Who will now pick up the pieces for UKIP?

As reported in my first article for NMC Europe, many of the rank and file UK Independence Party politicians spoke of their excitement at the prospect of Diane James’s leadership at its autumn conference in Bournemouth. 18 days have passed, and she has resigned, citing “personal and professional reasons”. It is yet another episode in […]