ECU Backs Ossoff as Race To Replace Price Continues 4/18/17 by Kaiter Enless

End Citizens United, a political action comittee formed in 2015 and dedicated to combating big money in American politics, has recently decided to pool their energies into making some big bucks themselves. For outsiders who may not be very familiar with the organization this might seem like a rather hypocritical thing to do with many […]

AntiFa Thugs Get Taste Of Own Medicine At Berkeley Free Speech Rally 4/16/17

On 4/15/17 a rally was held in Berkeley, California’s Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park in support of free speech. Shortly after the event began the entire region was divided via a long orange net fencing – on one side, pro-Trumpers, Alt-Righters, Nationalists, milquetoast free-speech activists of very political affiliation and on the other […]

The Results Are In From Jill Stein’s Recounts In Wisconsin and Pennsylvania

In breaking news that should surprise absolutely nobody, Donald J. Trump’s victories in both Wisconsin and Pennsylvania were verified last Monday (12/13/16). In Wisconsin the finalized recount showed Mr. Trump beating out Ms. Clinton by 22,000 votes. In Pennsylvania the finalized recount showed Mr. Trump defeating Ms. Clinton by 44,000 votes. All of this is much […]