Stormy Interview To Air Tonight Porn Star Stormy Daniels To Tell All On 60 Minutes

Stormy Daniels at AVN Adult Entertainment Expo 2008 -

Porn star, Stormy Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Gregory Clifford, plans to tell all on CBS’s 60 Minutes Sunday night.

She claims to have had an affair with President Trump in 2006, which is after he was already married to Melania.

According to a CBS article,

The 60 Minutes segment will include an examination of the potential legal and political ramifications of the $130,000 payment that Mr. Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen says he made to Daniels using his own funds. Daniels accepted the money in return for signing a confidentiality agreement.

It must be noted that Stormy had political aspirations of her own. In 2009, was going to run for US Senate against Republican, David Vitter. She was arrested on July 25th of that year. According to her advisor Brian Welsh, her campaign slogan was “Screwing People Honestly.”

It should also be noted that Stormy Daniels’ lawyer, Michael Aventti, worked for Rahm Emanuel and Joe Biden. Aventti worked on the political campaigns of over 150 Democrats. He also has sued Donald Trump and his show’s (The Apprentice) producer for intellectual property infractions.

The anti-Trump grudge with this guy is easy to see.



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