Simon Baron-Cohen Advocates NOT Preventing Autism In a Tweet so bizarre most think it's a parody, this far-Left account manages to stun even battle worn conservatives

I couldn’t believe the Tweet I saw @truthwhisper Gab today so I had to go and double-check the account for myself.


But wait, there’s more!

This account is completely legitimate and Dr. Baron -Cohen has close to 40 thousand followers!! He advocates for NOT preventing autism and for autistic, teens with potty mouths to dictate our government’s climate policy.

“How is this not a parody account?” my mind gasped when I saw this Tweet.

I had to get my mind around the reality that the Left has gone from:

-Don’t stigmatize the mentally ill/affected!


-Celebrate them!


-Don’t PREVENT people from becoming mentally ill/affected!


-Let the mentally ill/affected CHILDREN run government policy.

And he’s a DOCTOR. He is one of the Left’s SMARTER people!

How is it that the Left absolutely shocks me on a daily basis? You would think with everything I have seen and witnessed that I couldn’t be shocked anymore….but nope.

Literally every day there is something so outrageous that I shake my head and just have to say, what? How? Why?

Ok, so that’s the mental processing of it. Here’s the next step. If these people stay in control, the ship we call Western Civilization is going to crash.

Don’t worry the crash will be temporary; we can rebuild, however, things are going to get rocky going forward. Be prepared. Have food and water storage.

Have guns, as many as you can legally own, and ammo too. Don’t live in the cities. Know your local farmers. Know your neighbors. Have a strong church community. Get married and have as many children as you can and home school them.

In the meantime, I highly suggest getting off the sewer that is Twitter.