Racist MSNBC Plays KFC Ad Instead Of Hillary’s Race-Baiting Speech

American Mirror- MSNBC host Alex Witt wanted to play a clip of Hillary Clinton accusing Donald Trump of being a racist, but instead aired a Kentucky Fried Chicken ad.

Witt was talking to Cornell Williams Brooks of the NAACP on Saturday when he teed up a portion of Clinton’s speech.

“As you know, Hillary Clinton says that Trump’s campaign is appealing to a fringe in the Republican Party that is racist. I want to listen to part of her speech with you and get your reaction. So here it is,” Witt said.

Inexplicably, the KFC ad aired with the MSNBC graphics still on the screen.

“I am the extra crispy colonel,” Colonel Sanders actor George Hamilton said in the ad.

“Absolutely not what we were going to play,” Witt said as they moved on.

Source- http://www.theamericanmirror.com/video-msnbc-plays-fried-chicken-ad-instead-hillary-racism-speech-clip/

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