PUAssholes #6: Tucker Max

Not satisfied with taking down one pillar of traditional pick-up, I’m going after the not-quite-6-feet-tall Tucker Max today.

The rise, the fall, the incompetent use of Astroglide. It’s all here!

Tucker Tuckington Max (probably not his actual middle name) is best known as as the former law student and scion of the owner of a chain of restaurants, that kickstarted the entire quote-unquote “Fratire” genre with his early 2000s website tuckermax.com, and his 2006 compilation book I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell. His breakaway success likely comes from two things: the sheer uniqueness of his prose at the time, and the fact that he did it entirely from the gruond up, another rarity. Rather than seeking approval and meddling from big publishers, he forged his own path, making his own media company and making himself an institution singlehandedly.

More than that, Mr. Max wrote and achieved success by being unabashedly, albeit immaturely, masculine in an age that denigrates masculinity at all costs. Thus, he was like a lightning bolt to the forehead of young men across America in the early 2000s.

And then, in the span of a short few years, the invincible Tucker Max crashed and burned hard. His finances in dire straits, he turned his back on his fans and embraced “the enemy”, thus becoming a whipping boy across the masculine corners of the internet. What happened, you might ask? We’re going to go over that. And what better place to start than his first AND best work, his opus primum et magnum opus, I hope they serve beer in hell…

All this, PLUS a collage of me working out for you ladies, is in the video (believe it or not the collage is relevant to the content).

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