PUAssholes #5: The Mystery Method

The train of incompetent big hat wearing douchebags just keeps on coming. And this week, it’s the biggest, douchiest hat wearer of them all—Mystery!

I’ve alluded to this in the past, but me and the Mystery Method have a bit of a history. And it’s not a particularly loving one. You’ll learn that about me, and get a point by point review of the Mystery Method, in this new video.

Mystery, aka Erik Von Markovik, is arguably the most famous pick-up artist of all, best known for his TV appearances in the mid to late 2000s, and legitimately being mentally ill. You know him you…love him?, let’s take a look.

Testimonials from the press include the New York Times, Elle Magazine, and my dear friend Tyler Durden, who of course writes his testimonial like an overly excited 13 year old girl…

The point [of the book] is that sex and attraction is something you can train just like martial arts. Not a bad idea, except that he just uses about 30 pages to say that, jerking himself off over his “look mommy I read a sociology book” crap.

He makes a few good points that have sort of permeated into the manosphere: women are hypergamous and select the men who are held in esteem by other men and women, men are more invested in the attraction side of things and thus they have to put in more work to approach.

 And from there, the Mystery Method will of course go completely off the rails into the Byzantine train wreck that we’ve come to know and barely tolerate from the old-school PUA methods. So enjoy the video!

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